Questions & Answers

Compiled by Petr Voří¹ek, Arco Van Strien, Willy Van Strien, Jana ©korpilová, Ian Burfield and Richard D. Gregory

Updated on 11 November 2017

In a form of questions and answers, this section aims to help understanding methods of data collation and analysis within the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme. The section is complementary to the section Methods. We expect the Questions and Answers will be updated on regular basis and appreciate suggestions for improvements or completely new questions on methods of production and interpretation of supranational species population trends and indicators. Please send comments and suggestions to Petr Voří¹ek, the PECBMS coordinator,

1. National data sources, field work

2. National species trends and indices (some questions apply to the supranational level too)

3. Supranational species trends and indices (some questions apply to multispecies indicators too)

4. Multispecies indicators: species selection and classification

5. Multispecies indicators: production

6. Multispecies indicators: interpretation

7. References

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