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The report summarizes the activities of the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS) between January and June 2017. Thanks to the new grant from the European Commission (project „New Generation European Wild Bird Indicators“), PECBMS core activities could re-start again in 2017. The project, led by RSPB in cooperation with CSO will deliver standard supra-national species trends and indicators and will make them available at the web site.

On 20 May 2017, BirdLife International released the publication European birds of conservation concern: populations, trends and national responsibilities.

The statistical program for calculating population trends and indices based on monitoring data has been rewritten in the statistical program R.

A study analyzing the potential impact of forest quantity and quality on forest birds was recently published in Forest Ecology and Management. Changes in forestry practices, as well as climate change, may have large impacts on forest bird populations. However, there are hardly any large-scale analyses published analyzing the potential effects of temporal changes in forest structure on forest bird numbers.

The Bird Census News 29(1-2) has been just published. This special volume is entirely dedicated to winter land bird monitoring in Europe.

New research, published in Conservation Letters, by a team of conservation researchers, including BirdLife Europe and its partners [1], shows that EU nature legislation and EU agriculture-environment schemes can help to preserve farmland birds, however their impact is weakened by the devastating impact of agriculture intensification.

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